If you are here, I bet you are wondering who the heck we are. Well, put simply, we are Cory and Jay! We have been actively investing in Louisville, Kentucky real estate for many years, both on the buying side and the selling side. After working with many investors and home sellers, we decided to create a boutique real estate company where our sole focus is helping property owners with their distressed properties. There are many real estate companies out there, but not many like us that have your sole interest in mind.

Our firm’s core values are:

  • Transparent: We operate on being completely open and clear on who we are, how we operate, how we make money, and how we can help. We believe that the best way to help people is by laying out everything on the table in full honesty and transparency. Even if we do not think someone would want to hear something, we will still let you know our thoughts.
  • Dependable: We pride ourselves on being here for you whenever you need us. Not only that, but we respond very quickly! We know you want answers and solutions quickly, and we want that for you as well!
  • Ethical: We simply believe in doing the right thing. Always. Forevermore. Without fail.We follow our code of ethics by providing an objective view of each situation and laying out all possible outcomes for each property owner. We do not push or try and make decisions for you. We simply tell you the various options and we walk together through finding the best possible outcome given the situation.

Here at We Buy 502 Homes we are all about helping people by creating win-win solutions! Whether your home is vacant, in pre-foreclosure, needs significant rehab, has tenant management issues, is currently not generating income due to tax and property citation issues, we are here to help! Our full service Louisville, Kentucky real estate company is geared at finding solutions that everyone is happy with.

At We Buy 502 Homes, we do not believe that there is one solution to solve anything. Generally, when the same solution is offered over and over again for very different situations, we find that it is very hard for both parties to walk away equally happy. That is why we do not push people in any one direction. Instead, we find someone that needs our help, show them a bunch of different options each with various pros and cons, and through collective brainstorming come up with a win-win solution for all parties involved. Rest assured, we will not rest until we have presented you with all possible scenarios!

If you would like to connect and hear more about how we can help, feel free to call/text/email us or simply fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you within the hour!

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